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Atlantic Airways’ new plane is named Tita

Friday night Atlantic Airways’ brand new plane landed in Vágar.

The plane is question is a an Airbus 320 neo plane, which can take up to 174 passengers.

Just like the airline’s other planes, the new one has been named after a Faroese artist. The new name is Tita for Tita Vinther, who was a pioneer in the field of Faroese textile art.

In 2005, Tita Vinther was awarded the Faroese Cultural Prize, and several of her works are owned by the National Gallery of the Faroe Islands, Listasavn Føroya. Tita Vinther has played an important part in the history of Faroese art. She passed away in 2019.

The new plane, which will be flying on the Denmark and Iceland routes, is the second Airbus 320 neo to be acquired by Atlantic Airways.


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