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Artist Sigrun Gunnarsdóttir awarded National Culture Prize 2020

The Faroe Islands’ National Culture Prize 2020 was awarded to artist Sigrun Gunnarsdóttir at a ceremony in Løkshøll, Runavík, on January 13th. The artist is well known for her many art decorations in buildings belonging to social institutions such as schools, churches and hospitals.

Sigrun Gunnarsdóttir, whose subjects speak to us and keep fascinating us, is an artist in continuous development,” said Culture Minister Jenis av Rana as he presented the prize, adding: “Through her art she tells stories about humans and human conditions, animals, nature and all the universal things we know. She depicts things both great and small and gives her subjects a new perspective, a new depth. She goes her own way with her strong, lifelike and symbolic figures.”

As well as the 150,000 DKK (20,000 EUR) National Culture Prize, two additional cultural awards were presented on the occasion — the 75,000 DKK National Token of Respect and the 50,000 DKK Special Award, respectively.

Architect Ósbjørn Jacobsen was awarded the National Token of Respect for his architectural achievements, through which he has “managed to rethink and create stories of landscape and environment in an innovative way.”

The Special Awared was earned by soprano singer Birita Poulsen, of whom the culture minister said: “She is one of the few people in the Faroe Islands who have been able to offer the experience of classical songs and opera to the Faroese people, and she has enriched us with her music.”


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