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Anti-plastic group reaches more than 6.000 members in one week

4 plastic per day, founded one week ago, has already reached more than 6.000 members.

Svein Rógvi Nielsen Ljósstein, an ordinary citizen from the northern town of Klaksvík, founded the social media group on Facebook, which focuses on nature preservation.

“Everywhere we go, there are plastic and waste and floats. What if we all collect at least 4 pieces of plastic a day and also think about what we throw in nature ourselves,” Ljósstein notes, adding “in this little country, the Faroe Islands, we can make a huge difference by collecting four pieces of plastic a day.”

Ljósstein points out that “this group is not made for people to complain and be negative, but instead come up with positive thoughts about what can be done better.”

“Once you have collected your at least 4 pieces of plastic a day, you are welcome to add a picture of it to the group,” Ljósstein adds.

Rather interestingly, it turns out that hundreds of Faroe Islanders have indeed accepted Ljóssteins invitation to add “anti-plastic pictures” to the group.

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