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Anonymous business donor rides to rescue after students lose cash

A Faroese business has donated the equivalent amount of the “large sum” of cash that was lost by a group of French students and their teachers last Friday. The students had a pile of euro notes in a brown envelope which mysteriously disappeared on February 24th either while on their way to Tórshavn or somewhere in the capital after they had arrived there by bus.

Fortunately for the 18 students and their two teachers, after the story was reported in the news with still no trace of the envelope, a Faroese company decided to donate the full amount lost by the group, according to Hanna Jensen, Honorary Consul of France.

In an update on social media, Mrs. Jensen expressed a sigh of relief.

“[The students and their teachers] wish to convey their thanks for all the interest and care shown and the will to take action and support them,” she said. “They are grateful over the kind reception and willingness to help that they have been met with.”

Neither the identity of the donor nor the exact sum of money has been disclosed; we were told earlier, however, that it’s “a large sum, essential to their trip”.

The French visitors will be leaving the Faroes by ferry on Thursday to travel via Denmark through mainland Europe on their way back to France.


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