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Annual civic festival takes place on Nólsoy

Today, the annual civic festival called Ovastevna takes place on the island of Nólsoy.

Ovastevna is held to commemorate Ove Joensen from Nólsoy. He rowed from the Faroe Islands to Denmark in a traditional Faeroese boat in 1986. In 1987 Ove drowned in Skálafjørður-inlet where he fell overboard. The profit from the festival is used to build a swimming pool for the children in Nólsoy. Ove originally started this project after his row to Denmark.

Ovastevna always takes place at the beginning of August and is one of the most popular festivals in the Faroe Islands.

Whatson.fo writes the following about Ovastevna: “We invite you to a number of events for the whole family. Come to Nólsoy and take a swim in the ocean, go for a walk, see the local cabarét, play with your children on the beach, get something to eat and drink, enjoy live music og meet lots of people. All that in our charming village.”

According to ssl.fo, Route 90 (Tórshavn-Nólsoy) will have higher prices today (100 Kr for a return ticket) and there will also be an alternate sailing plan. More information can be found here

Ovastevna has been held since 1994.


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