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Annual autumn celebration turns into spending spree, robust ram is sold for a staggering 16.500 at auction

In the German city of Munich, there is the annual beer-filled Oktoberfest – the world’s largest Volksfest.

In the Faroe Islands, however, there is the annual autumn celebration (“Heystfagnaður”), where Faroe Islanders gather to celebrate the harvesting season as it used to be.

The weekend just gone saw hundreds of locals – men, women and children – flock to the northern village of Eiði so that they could be filled with shepherding culture, village life and old Faroese traditions.

The highlight of the celebration was, of course, when this delightful, robust ram (see picture above) was sold at auction for a staggering 16.500 DKK –  undoubtedly much to the delight of the new owner, who will now have a furry friend whom he can turn to on a rainy (or perhaps more accurately, hungry) day.

Image credits: Wolles

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