Amnesty Faroes committee decides to prioritize climate change and human rights teaching

A new Amnesty Føroyar committee has been elected.

At the annual general meeting last month, 7 out of 8 board members were reelected, while the eight board member – Bjørk S. Lamhauge – chose not to run again.

According to, the topics that new committee has decided to prioritize are climate change and human rights teaching.

“The reason for this is that we think that there is a need for more basic information and teaching about the philosophy of human rights. And Amnesty International puts more and more emphasis on climate change, and we want to do that as well,” states Eyðgerð Mørkøre Kruse, the chairwoman of Amnesty Faroes.

The new Amnesty Faroes committee:

Eyðgerð Mørkøre Kruse, Chairwoman
Turið Maria Jóhansdóttir, Vice chairwoman
Barbara Jacobsen, Cashier
Bergur A. Dalsgarð, Member
Gunnvá Gaard, Member

Deputy members: Beinta Flóvinsdóttir, Annika Malunardóttir and Tóki Strøm

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