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An ambitious year for Tórshavn

Last year saw a great deal of activity in Tórshavn municipality, with a total of DKK 198 million spent on construction and maintenance projects.

Some 67.5 million was spent on Skúlin á Fløtum, 21.2 million on construction of the new music school and 1 million on completing the day-care center in Kollafjørður.

A total of 57.6m was spent on sports. Almost 30m was spent on the sports hall á Hálsi, while 29.7m was spent on the extension of the school sports hall in Argir. Funding was also allocated to the football pitch in Hoyvík and the slide in the swimming hall á Hálsi.

The City Council spent 11.3m on various decoration projects. The area surrounding the new Finsen accommodation complex received 6.1m, and 3 million was spent on other recreational areas.

Cemeteries received 11.7m, with 3.1m spent on the cemetery at Velbastaðvegur and 8.6m on the cemetery in Hoyvík.

Almost 7.6m was spent on sewers, 4.4m on scrap baling equipment and 10.9m on road work.


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