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‘A place of natural beauty’: Artificial creek restores piece of historical Havnará in downtown Tórshavn—photos

A long-awaited municipal project to restore a stretch of the historical creek Havnará in central Tórshavn has been completed, with a grand opening event taking place on Saturday. The event saw a large crowd gathered at Vaglið in downtown Tórshavn to celebrate the occasion with an opening speech delivered by Mayor Heðin Mortensen alongside music and festivities.

A main element of the restoration of the open creek as it were consists of a decorative layer of water pumped through a hidden circulation system over a span of about 110 meters. 

Judging by reactions registered so far, people are thrilled with the new ‘open creek’, which clearly contributes in a major way to give downtown Tórshavn an added touch of charm and serenity. Besides, it provides a historical link to the times when this span of Havnará indeed was an open creek situated at the exact same place—a hallmark of Old Tórshavn.

The downtown part of the actual Havnará has remained buried under concrete and tarmac for decades and is reportedly deemed a much larger project to dig open today as it would involve a sizeable deal of sewer replacement with costly implications. 

Instead, an elegant solution was created to give the look and feel of the old historical open creek, involving an artificial waterway layered on top of a stretch of the old creek. All coated with natural stone pavers, and framed in a vintage railing of the same look and feel as that of earlier days, the installation features sanitized water that appears to be running downstream as part of the old creek, however, in reality circulating in a separate, closed system; at the same time an arrangement of nozzles serves to generate a natural murmuring sound while pieces of light art create a captivating effect during dark hours.

“We are very pleased with the work carried out,” Mayor Mortensen said. “This is Faroese craftsmanship of the highest order, all performed conscientiously with dedication. Here we will have a pleasant environment… Also I’m pleased that we were able to follow through on this project virtually with full consensus in the Municipal Council, and that the Løgting also has contributed financially. For the House of the Løgting the creek, along with the front yard, provides a place of natural beauty in the middle of our capital.”


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