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A new café just opened in central Tórshavn

A new café, Karet, has just opened its doors in the restaurant area of 62°N Hotel in Dr. Jakobsensgøta in the center of Tórshavn. On the menu, one can find light meals, soup, coffee and other beverages.

The name “Karet” means “carriage”, and the café gets its name from a forge that used to be located in the very spot, where the café is today. The forge was owned by a man named Erik Simonsen in the 1920s, and Mr. Simonsen used to forge and repair frames for horse-drawn carriages as well as produce wheels for wagons and wheelbarrows among other things.

Although the first automobile came to the Faroe Islands in 1922, few people trusted them in the beginning and still preferred horses. The roads in the country were also created for horses and carriages, and even in the 60s these were still a common sight in the streets of Tórshavn.

The owners of the new café, which will be open every day between the hours of 12 and 10 PM, say they are very excited and hope that people will like their new concept.


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