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A heart can break into a thousand pieces: Devastated Mr. Speaker shocked by ‘big egoist and psychopath’ remark

Mr. Páll á Reynatúgvu, the speaker of the Faroese parliament, is shocked by MP Fríðriksmørk’s “big egoist and psychopath” remark.

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Mr. Reynatúgvu told Kringvarp Føroya that this remark made by his own party colleague Ms. Annita á Fríðriksmørk hurts.

“I am shocked by what I have been told. This hurts a lot, but actually I still have not heard it for myself. Because of that I will refer to the party, for the time being,” Mr. Reynatúgvu of the Republican Party (Tjóðveldi) said.

It is understood that Ms. Fríðriksmørk has apologized to Mr. Reynatúgvu. However, Mr. Reynatúgvu declined to comment whether he has accepted her apology or not.

Ms. Fríðriksmørk was overheard labelling Mr. Reynatúgvu a “big egoist and psychopath” during a chat about Reynatúgvus proposal to abolish the Faroese seats in the Danish Folketing (parliament).

The Faroese have two seats in the Danish Folketing, and currently one of the Faroese MPs is Mr. Magni Arge of Tjóðveldi, who was elected the first time he ran for the Danish parliament back in June 2015.

Ms. Fríðriksmørk suggested that Mr. Reynatúgvu wants to abolish the seats out of jealousy.

“He (Páll á Reynatúgvu) has been running for the Danish parliament on five occasions (without success), and then Magni comes out of the blue and gets more than 1.000 votes,” Ms. Fríðriksmørk said yesterday.


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