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99 active COVID-19 cases: Norway classifies Faroe Islands as red zone and Faroese travellers in Greenland are now required to quarantine

As of Tuesday evening, the Faroe Islands have registered a total of 324 COVID-19 cases and 225 recoveries, meaning the current number of active cases is 99. The Faroe Islands have conducted about 60.000 tests and currently have more than 900 people in quarantine. However, no one is currently hospitalized with the disease.

These current active cases have all been discovered within the last week. The number of daily new cases has been as follows:

4 August: 2
5 August: 14
6 August: 38
7 August: 16
8 August: 11
9 August: 7
10 August: 10
11 August: 1

Due to the recent development in the Faroe Islands and Iceland, the Greenlandic government has now decided that travellers from these two countries are no longer exempt from the 14 day quarantine rule upon arrival.

This means that Faroese travellers are not allowed to take part in social gatherings or other events, nor are they allowed to visit shops, cafés, restaurants, libraries etc., until they can provide proof of their negative status. They are however, allowed to shop for necessary supplies, and they have the opportunity to shorten their quarantine by taking a COVID-19 test. If the test is negative, they will be released from quarantine.

The Norwegian health authorities are also discouraging Norwegian citizens from travelling to the Faroe Islands, and they recommend that the Faroe Islands be classified as a red zone along with five other countries, six areas in Sweden and two areas in Denmark. This is due to the recent increase in cases registered in these areas.


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