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7 days in the Faroe Islands – with kids

Discover the Faroe Islands together with your children. The beauty of the Faroese nature, rich flora and breath-taking views can become a part of your family album and the memories from this amazing trip will stay with you and your kids for a long time. 

Day 1

Arrival in the Faroe Islands and transfer from the airport for Søldarfjørður. On the way home, we will meet and greet a few Faroese ponies. Arrival and accommodation in Fjord Cottage. Integrating dinner. 

Day 2

Breakfast at 8:00. Departure at 9:00. Trip to the northern part of Eysturoy and Streymoy. First, we visit Gjógv – the village famous for its huge gorge that formed a natural harbor. After that we will see two outlying rocks and get to know their legend. Next stop is a fishing town of Eiði, where we will stop by a football pitch with the most bizarre location. The only bridge on the Atlantic Ocean will take us to the island of Streymoy where we first discover the settlement of Tjørnuvík, with an outstanding volcanic beach. We will have a picnic on the black sand. The last stop will be the most picturesque village in the whole archipelago – Saksun. On the way home, we will encounter the native inhabitants of the Faroes – crabs and certainly sheep. Return to Fjord Cottage. Free time. Dinner.

Day 3

Breakfast at 8:00. At 9:00 we leave for the western island of Vágar. Our first aim is a the lake Leitisvatn placed on the plateau. The trekking around the lake will take aprox. 4h. On the way we will see a spectacular waterfall, which falls straight into the ocean. After a short lunch break, we carry on to our second target – a tiny village of Gásadalur. On the way home we will stop for fishing.

Return to Fjord Cottage. Free time.

We will make the evening meal all together according to the traditional Faroese recipes.

Day 4

Breakfast at 8:00. Departure at 9:00. Yet again we head for Vágar, where in the village of Sørvagur we embark on a boat that will take us to the true pearl among the landscapes – the island of Mykines. This most western island is a home for hundreds of puffins. These cute birds are used to presence of humans, so they are easy to interact with. We will also have lunch on Mykines and sail back to Sørvagur around 5:00 pm.

Return to Fjord Cottage. Free time. Dinner.

Day 5

Breakfast at 8:00. Departure at 9:00. Time to encounter the northern part of the archipelago. The first place we visit is the second largest Faroese town – Klaksvík. From there we will take a ferry to the island of Kalsoy. This island is often called for a flute, due to its unusual shape and numerous tunnels going through the mountain chain. The island is home of the legendary seal woman. In the village of Mikladalur we will see her monument and then we will visit the tiny forest. The last highlight of Kalsoy is the settlement of Trøllanes. Fervent hikers are welcome to hike to the lighthouse of Kallur. In the afternoon the ferry will take us back to Klaksvík and from there we will drive further north. We will stop in an abandoned village of Múli where we will have lunch. The last place we visit if the northermost village of Viðareiði, famous for one of the highest vertical cliffs in the world.

Return to Fjord Cottage. Free time. Dinner.

Day 6

Breakfast at 8:00. Departure at 9:00. Time to finally take a closer look at the capital and the largest city of the archipelago – Tórshavn. What awaits us there is an abundance of history and architecture. We will walk the streets of the oldtown – Tinganes as well as the historical fortress called Skansin. Lunch in the city. In Tórshavn we get on the speed boat Rib 62, which will let us feel the majestic ocean with the sounds of music in the background. The trip will end in the most historical village of the Faroe Islands – Kirkjubøur. There, we will visit the oldest wooden house in Europe that has been inhabited by the same family for 17 generations. We will also travel in time by walking through the ruins of the unfinished cathedral.

Return to Fjord Cottage. Free time. Dinner.

Day 7

Breakfast. Airport transfer. 




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