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58 percent of power derived from renewables in December 2020

According to Faroe Islands utility SEV, more than half of Faroese electricity was powered by renewable energy in December 2020, predominantly by hydro power.

“A warm and wet December 2020 with increased precipitation resulted in an increase in renewable power production,” SEV reported. “In total, hydro, wind, solar and biomass power production, respectively, made up 58 percent of total power production.”

Hydro power production increased by 15 percent compared to December 2019, whereas wind power production dropped and made up 14 percent of total production, the utility company added.

“2020 proved to be a challenging year for wind power production in the Faroe Islands as several of the installed wind mills experienced generator failure.”

Solar and biomass production, meanwhile, made up a little over 1 percent of total production, which is considered satisfactory, SEV reported.


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