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53 volunteers from 20 countries complete this season’s Closed for Maintenance campaign

For the second time this year, the ‘Closed for Maintenance’ event, organized by Visit Faroe Islands alongside local information offices and municipal council representatives, has taken place in the Faroe Islands. This time around, 53 so-called voluntourists from 20 countries as well as an equal amount of domestic and local volunteers, spent two days last week repairing and refurbishing several tourist facilities.

The first such campaign was held in the spring of 2019 when 100 voluntourists helped maintain and improve popular facilities in exchange for board and lodging. ‘Closed for Maintenance’ was set for a comeback in 2020, but due to the ongoing health situation it was postponed, and thus the event of April 2021 included just 60 Faroese residents.

This year’s voluntourists worked on nine different projects all around the islands last week — in Funningur, Hellurnar, Klaksvík, Tjørnuvík, Miðvágur, Hestur, Nólsoy, Skúvoy, and Trongisvágur.

Most of the projects involved the maintenance and the marking of paths in the outfields, with some projects also involving maintenance of look-out sights, restoration of milestone landmarks and setting up signs.

“This time it was a joy to see how much can be accomplished in just two work days when the work is well organized and when capable and eager hands are available,” said Jóhan Pauli Helgason, development manager of Visit Faroe Islands. “Local organizers have earned every praise for taking on this work and ensuring that everyone had an unforgettable and fun experience, while they were doing something productive.”

Visit Faroe Islands announced earlier this week that ‘Closed for Maintenance’ will be back next spring, with details becoming available in due course.


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