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5 years since the total solar eclipse

On 20 March 2015 at 9.41 in the morning, the last total solar eclipse in the Faroe Islands occured.

On this extraordinary Friday morning five years ago, the people in the Faroe Islands lined up outside their homes and in front of their windows to watch the rare phenomenon. They were joined by thousands of tourists who’d come from all over the world to watch.

The eclipse was visible as a partial eclipse all across Europe, but totality was only visible in the Faroe Islands and the Norwegian archipelago Svalbard. According to Kringvarp Føroya, more than 11.000 tourists had come to the Faroe Islands for the occasion.

The Faroese doom metal band, Hamferð recorded a music video for their song “Deyðir varðar” during the event. Watch or relive the total eclipse in the video above.


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