Home Governance and Society 4500 lambs die a year in the Faroes

4500 lambs die a year in the Faroes

According to agricultural scientist Gunnar Bjarnason, some 4500 lambs die in the Faroe Islands a year.

The main causes of death are starvation and intense cold, and there is simply not enough grass to feed all the sheep in the Faroes, Bjarnason tells Kringvarp Føroya, the national broadcasting company in the Faroe Islands.

– And the fact that the lambs are so hungry causes them to assault buds and sprouts, and this impacts negatively on vegetation, and for this reason this becomes a vicious cycle, says Bjarnason who recommends a complete overhaul of Faroese sheep-farming.

– I suggest we should gradually move towards keeping all the sheep inside during the winter, he states.

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