34 percent of Icelanders are against whaling, whilst in the Faroes support for ”grindadráp” remains high

A new survey conducted by MMR shows that approximately the same number of people in Iceland are for and against whaling, writes Iceland Monitor.

Iceland Monitor adds: ”Thirty-four percent were against whaling, thirty-four percent were in favour of whaling and thirty-one percent were neither for or against.”

Back in the Faroe Islands, support for ”grindadráp”, whilst difficult to gauge precisely, remains high within the local population: one random, weighted survey of 528 people (approximately 1 percent of the population) conducted before SSCS arrived in the islands in 2014 determined 77 percent of those sampled felt that it was right to continue driving whales, with 12 percent stating it should cease, writes Benedict Singleton (2016).

The survey was carried out by Gallup Føroyar.

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