26.000 Norwegians watched Saturday’s football match between NSÍ and TB

NSÍ - TB (Image credits: Sverri Egholm)
NSÍ - TB (Image credits: Sverri Egholm)

A total of 53.000 Norwegians watched three of the first matches from the Faroe Betri Division, when it was broadcast live on the Norwegian TV2 channel on Saturday.

Most of them followed the match between NSÍ and TB (final score: 3-1). According to Norwegian newspaper Aftenposten, that match was watched by 26.000 Norwegians. The match between KÍ and B36 (final score 0-2) was watched by 17.000 viewers, and 10.000 watched the match between AB and Víkingur (final score 0-0).

Due to the corona crisis there is very little football to be watched these days, and according to media expert Lasse Gimnes, these numbers are proof that football is very important to people.

– That we had 26.000 people following a Faroese football match says something about the abstinences that people have felt, he says.

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