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19-year old HB midfielder to join Italy’s Apulia Trani

Sara Samson Lamhauge from Sørvágur, who has been playing for HB in the women’s Betri division, is leaving her team in Tórshavn for Italy.

The midfielder has played in 22 matches for HB and scored four goals as well as having played nine matches for the Faroese national team. According to FaroSoccer,  these achievements got her the attention of Apulia Trani from Italy.

In a video interview published on HB’s Facebook page earlier this week, the 19-year old Sara explains that was contacted by Apulia Trani, who had been following her since 2017.

“I’ve gotten the opportunity to play with them for six months,” she said. “It was very spontaneous. I made a quick decision, because it isn’t every day you get an opportunity like this. It’s sure to be exciting.” 


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