Saturday, August 13, 2022
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More than 1600 Faroe Islanders sign Pro-Life petition

Faroese Facebook group ”Fyri Lívi” (Pro-Life) seeks signatures in support of life – and consequently against abortion.

So far the group has done quite well as it has managed to gather more than 1600 signatures in a few days – ”and new names are added (to the Pro Life-list) every day”, states the group on Facebook.

Gudny Djurhuus Rasmussen, who is the founder of the anti-abortion group, told Kringvarp Føroya that ”we think that a life is a life no matter how small, and because of that we think that an abortion is never the solution.”

Earlier this year Faroese organization ”Frítt Val – fyri fríari abort” (Pro choice – Pro Abortion) launched a petition to the Faroese government to liberalize its abortion laws.

Hundreds of people signed the petition.


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