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More than 1600 Faroe Islanders sign Pro-Life petition

Faroese Facebook group ”Fyri Lívi” (Pro-Life) seeks signatures in support of life—and consequently against abortion.

So far the group has done quite well as it has managed to gather more than 1600 signatures in a few days—”and new names are added (to the Pro Life-list) every day”, states the group on Facebook.

One of the founders of the anti-abortion group told Kringvarp Føroya that ”we think that a life is a life no matter how small, and because of that we think that an abortion is never the solution.”

Earlier this year Faroese organization ”Frítt Val—fyri fríari abort” (Pro Choice—Pro Abortion) launched a petition to the Faroese government to liberalize abortion laws, with hundreds of people signing the petition.


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