TROM has to be shot in Iceland

Hallgrímskirkja in Reykjavík, Iceland (Image credits: anieto2k)
Hallgrímskirkja in Reykjavík, Iceland (Image credits: anieto2k)

The Faroese crime TV series TROM, which is based on the novels by Jógvan Isaksen, will be shot in Iceland.

The government is unwilling to make a financial contribution to the project, which is why it cannot be shot in the Faroe Islands, Jón Hammer, one of the producers said in Kringvarp Føroya’s news broadcast, Dagur og vika on Tuesday.

– They come here asking for four million DKK, and it is an interesting project. But say someone else comes tomorrow asking for 25 million. All projects are interesting, and you can’t just open up the treasury, Helgi Abrahamsen, Minister of Industry and Trade, answered.

Jón Hammer and the rest of the production team are sorry to have to shoot the series, which takes place in the Faroe Islands, is written by Faroese writers and produced by Faroese producers, in Iceland.

– Right now we have to figure out how to create this series, which means we have to go to Iceland to shoot most of it. We don’t have any other options right now, Jón Hammer says.

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