Travel in the Faroe Islands -

Travel in the Faroe Islands

No matter your reason for visiting, the Faroe Islands has something for everyone.


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Sandoy Campsite – Húsavík/Sandur
The sites have all the required amenities like electircity, water and shower facilities.


Ebenezer – Niels Finsensgøta 6, Tórshavn
Christian church.

Car rentals

WAAG – Hoyvíksvegur 63, Tórshavn
Cars are always clean, in good repair, and come with good tyres.

Coffee And Drinks

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Pizza 67 – Tinghúsvegur 8, Tórshavn
Pizza and hamburgers

Fitness & Spa

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Guesthouse in Miðbrekka – Miðbrekka 12, Tvøroyri
The Guesthouse in Miðbrekka is in the centre of Tvøroyri.


Gjáargarður – Dalavegur 20, Gjógv
Gjáargarður is only about an hour’s drive from Tórshavn, but yet you will experience being far away from the usual jog trot.


Intertwining – Niels Finsens gøta 7, Tórshavn
Intertwining is an integration campaign for both newcomers and “native” faroese to get together, get to know each other and learn from each other. Everybody is welcome! – With or without knitting needles.


Sabai Thai Massage – Sverrisgøta 7, Tórshavn
Thai Traditionel Massage, Oil Massage, Foot Massage og Sport Massage.


Basecamp – Tórsgøta, Tórshavn
Description coming soon.


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Hjá Skós – Stangavegur 14, Klaksvík
Wide selection of shoes for men, women and children.

Vela Watches – Online
A watch that brings memories to life.


Faroese House Plant – Online
Grow your own Faroese House Plant, a handmade model of the traditional Faroese dwelling-house!


Auto Taxi – Niels Finsensgøta 28, Tórshavn
Auto taxi is both the oldest and largest station currently based in the Faroe Islands. By constantly keeping up to date with the surroundings and changes in the taxi industry the station has both survived and evolved into its current state.

Tour Operators

Heimdal Tours – Argjavegur 5, Argir
Heimdal Tours help you discover the real heartbeat of the Faroe Islands.


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