These are the 22 essential things you should know before visiting the Faroe Islands

The weather is eternally unpredictable, thus you should always pack a rain jacket, warm jacket – as well as some snacks for ‘just in case’.

These are the 22 essential things you should know before visiting the Faroe Islands, according to thecommonwanderer.com:

#1 – The weather is eternally unpredictable
#2 – Always pack a rain jacket, warm jacket, and some snacks for ‘just in case’
#3 – Getting to The Faroe Islands is actually really easy
#4 – The Faroe Islands are technically part of Denmark
#5 – There are some long-held traditions here that may be confronting
#6 – The islands have been inhabited for almost 1500 years
#7 – It’s prime bird-watching territory
#8 – English is really widely spoken
#9 – It’s definitely not a budget destination – but you can make it work
#10 – The islands are super well connected
#11 – The public transport system is surprisingly good
#12 – It’s a really easy road trip destination
#13 – Parking in Tórshavn can be a real pain
#14 – Most land is private-owned, so don’t trespass
#15 – Do not trespass to take a photo of the Saksun house
#16 – Be adventurous but not stupid
#17 – Photography buffs: bring a wide angle lens + a zoom lens for the best shots
#18 – You can bring your drone, but keep a few things in mind
#19 – Vegetarians may struggle to find decent options
#20 – The mobile service (for tourists) isn’t great
#21 – The sheep rule the islands – and the roads!
#22 – You should probably book your accommodation well ahead of time

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