“The time to go to the Faroe Islands is now, before over-tourism becomes a reality,” states Bloomberg

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If ever there were a time to visit the Faroe Islands, it’s now, argues

Tourism in the Faroe Islands has grown rapidly in recent years, and in 2020 two new hotels are set to open in Tórshavn, doubling the capital’s current bedroom capacity to approximately six hundred.

“In other words, the time to go is now, before over-tourism becomes a reality,” states, adding that “you’ll get to blaze trails along misty mountain peaks where you can see enormous colonies of puffins, guillemots, fulmars, and storm petrels; sail a traditional masted ship along a dramatic, crashing coastline; and engage with welcoming Faroese locals, whose ancient language, live-off-the-land instincts, and communal customs remind us just how strong human nature can be.” names a couple of attractions in the Faroe Islands: sailing, puffins, sheep, Kalsoy Island, driving, hiking Eysturoy Island, rowing culture, KOKS restaurant, Faroese architecture, contemporary design & “heimablídni”.

“Astonishing landscapes, culinary adventures, and incredible wildlife await in the Faroes,” concludes Bloomberg.

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