The return of the SS: Faroe Islands Police stand ready to ensure that there will be no clashes between Faroe Islanders and Sea Shepherd activists

Marine conservation organization Sea Shepherd has announced that it is planning to return to the North Atlantic Ocean this summer to resume patrols to safeguard the survival of pilot whales.

Kringvarp Føroya reports that Faroe Islands Police is ready to ensure that there will be no clashes between Faroe Islanders and Sea Shepherd activists.

“We have to be very well prepared so that there will be no clashes,” vice police commissioner Jón Klein Olsen told Kringvarp Føroya last night.

“It is always difficult to predict what will happen or what will not happen. Faroe Islanders are generally very calm, and we (Faroe Islanders) should not get provoked by organizations like Sea Shepherd. It (getting provoked) serves no purpose whatsoever for Faroe Islanders and the Faroe Islands in general,” Mr. Olsen added.

On Saturday 30 August 2014, activists representing the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society attempted to disrupt a whale drive in the bay of Sandur on the island of Sandoy, both on shore and in the water. The police dealt with the situation, and 14 activists were detained. All were released again within 24 hours to face hearings in the Court of the Faroe Islands for breaches of the whaling regulations, writes

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