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Stella’s hot seat: Ved Nagarsheth from Mauritius

Today I am going to ask Ved Nagarsheth from Mauritius 25 questions

Today I am going to ask Ved Nagarsheth from Mauritius 25 questions:

1. Describe yourself in three words!
– I am determined , persevering and loving

2. What brought you to the Faroe Islands?
– My lovely girlfriend who is now my wife

3. Where are you from?
– I come from Mauritius

4. What is it that you miss most from back home?
– My family

5. What is the best thing about the Faroe Islands?
– The people

6. Your work?
– I am a doctor at Landssjúkrahúsið (the national hospital of the Faroe Islands)

7. Describe your work in four words?
– Amazing, compassion, rewarding and stressful

8. If you could have three wishes come true, what would they be?

– I’d never works night shifts, I’d have more time with my family in the Faroes and Mauritius and I’d be able to travel more often to Mauritius

9. Any phobias?
– Cockroaches

10. Favorite snack?
– Boursin-stuffed chicken (French snacks)

11. Least favorite food in the Faroe Islands?
– Havhestur

12. Your best experience in life?
– Meeting my wife

13. Any funny incidents in the Faroe Islands?
– My first time in Faroes in 2001 when I went to a wedding and some of locals guys were teaching me how to greet the bride in a supposedly Faroese way but instead it turned out to be a massive swearing phrase.

14. The Faroe Islands in 5 words?
– Spectacular, peaceful, safe, divine and rainy

15. Who knows you best?
– My wife

16. How would she describe you?
– Loving, persevering, hard working, obsessed with medical subjects, aviation and gardening.

17. What does your family mean to you?
– The world

18. If you have to give up something in your life, what would it be?
– My car

19. What is one thing you cannot live without?
– My wife

20. Which household chores do you absolutely hate?
– Folding clothes

21. What is the last movie you’ve watched?
– Le Roi Danse ( A movie about the French king Louis XIV)

22. Any special talents?
– I suppose being multilingual with seven languages

23. The best advice you can give as a doctor?
– Eat less fat, sugar and red meat

24. Your favorite holiday destination?
– Mauritius

25. Top on bucket list?
– Achieving my medical specialization

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