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Sprotin to release Greenlandic–Faroese dictionary this week

Image credits: Sverri Egholm
Image credits: Sverri Egholm

On Friday, 21 February, the Faroese publishing house, Sprotin, is adding a new dictionary to their collection of free online dictionaries.

The new dictionary, a Greenlandic–Faroese dictionary, will be presented to the public on Friday in the Greenlandic House in Tórshavn.

The dictionary will be presented by Elin Neshamar, who was in charge of putting the new dictionary together. At the event, speeches will also be given by Jenis av Rana, Minister of Foreign Affairs and Culture, and Jonnhard Mikkelsen, manager of Sprotin. M. C. Restorff will also be performing.

The new Greenlandic–Faroese dictionary will be the publisher’s 22nd online dictionary.

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