“She moves in mysterious ways” – Meet Lexa, the woman who stunned the Faroes

Last Friday, Local.fo broke the news that for the first time ever a commercial pornographic movie has been shot in the Faroe Islands.

The film was shot on the islands of Vágar and Suðuroy, featuring the actress “Lexa” undressing and posing in provocative positions with beautiful scenery in the background.

But who is Lexa?

According to her biography, Lexa is 33 years old and comes from the Czech Republic. Her real name is Melissa Mendiny.

Melisa joined the adult entertainment industry in 2007 when she was twenty-two years old (after she posted non-nude photos of herself for her boyfriend). A few porn agencies contacted her and it was the beginning of her nude modeling career.

She is mostly active in the softcore genres.

Melisa is also a nude and fetish model. During her career of ten years she has changed a lot of aliases including Cristin Uhrinova, Carrie Du Four, Kristina Uhrinova, Kristina Walker, Melissa Mendini and Lexa and in 2012 she became Twistys Treat of the Month for January.

Melissa has participated in more than 30 movies.

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