Scots disappointed with no-show of Faroese constitutional referendum

A referendum on a new Faroese constitution was originally scheduled to be held on 25 April 2018.

However, anyone with a little insight into the dynamics of Faroese politics knew already several months ago that there would be no referendum on a new constitution in April as the Faroese government has been very busy with trying to deliver certain reforms, including the fishing and pension reforms.

Scottish newspaper The National seems disappointed with the no-show of the 4/25 referendum:

It wrote earlier today: ”It’s the referendum that the world forgot, but you can’t really blame others when the government that was supposed to be holding it went all quiet.

The referendum was announced to great publicity last year and the vote was set to take place yesterday, but to no great surprise for followers of the Faroes’ complex politics, the referendum has been quietly postponed as the various parties in the country’s parliament, the Logting, couldn’t agree on the wording of the new constitution.

Furthermore the postponement has not even been registered on the official Faroe Islands government website”, The National points out.

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