Áarstova Gongin 1, Tórshavn

An authentic location in the old part of Tórshavn. The restaurant is situated in a historic building with a charming soul.

Website: www.aarstova.fo
Phone number: +298 333000


Barbara Fish House Gongin 4-6, Tórshavn

Barbara Fish House not only gives visitors a special insight into Faroese cuisine; it is also a journey back to 16th century Tórshavn.

Website: www.barbara.fo
Phone number: +298 331010


Etika Áarvegur 3, Tórshavn

The only sushi restaurant in the Faroe Islands serves some of the world’s finest sushi by combining Japanese cuisine, fresh Faroese fish and a sparkle of creativity.

Website: www.etika.fo
Phone number: +298 319319


Frumbiti Restaurant Doktara Jakobsensgøta 14-16, Tórshavn

Frumbiti is a modern restaurant located in Tórshavn, city centre. The menu features both classic and seasonally inspired dishes from locally souced meats, fish & vegetables.

Website: www.frumbiti.fo
Phone number: +298 556677


Katrina Christiansen Bringsnagøta 6, Tórshavn

The food is inspired by the Spanish tapas-cuisine but completed with influence from Faroese food tradition, as well as everything that the Faroese nature has to offer.

Website: www.kc.fo
Phone number: +298 313243


KOKS Frammi við Gjónna, Leynavatn

Widely regarded as the best restaurant in the Faroe Islands, Michelin star restaurant KOKS offers the complete fine dining experience.

Website: www.koks.fo
Phone number: +298 333999


Ræst Gongin 8, Tórshavn

The only restaurant outside of Japan with a menu consisting solely of fermented dishes. Ræst is as authentically Faroese as it gets. 

Website: www.raest.fo
Phone number: +298 411430


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