Research board gives grants to 9 new research projects

Last month, the Research Board decided to give grants to 9 research projects in 2019. A total of 7.201,044 DKK have been granted to projects in the areas of Humanities and Social Sciences, Sciences and Technology and Health Sciences.

That’s according to

There were 31 applications in total, applying for 23 MDKK. writes that there are 3 PhD projects and 6 other projects granted. The PI, 4 women and 5 men, work at institutions and companies in the Faroe Islands and Denmark.

These projects have received grants from the Research Foundation in 2019:

Humanities and Social Sciences

Ivonna Johansen: Childhood and Gender in the Faroe Islands.
PhD project at the Faculty of Education, University of the Faroe Islands – DKK 668,600.

Sean Douglas Vrieland: Digital Repatriation of Faroese manuscripts.
Project at the Dept. of Nordic Studies and Linguistics, Copenhagen University – DKK 1,079,81.

Frida Poulsen: Inclusion in the Faroese Public School: From political visions to implementation in tension between general- and special pedagogy.
PhD project at the Faculty of Education, University of the Faroe Islands – DKK 1,096,552.

Heini í Skorini: Science as a Political Battlefield: How Cultural and Political Values Shape People’s Attitudes to Science.
Project at the Faculty of History and Social Sciences, University of the Faroe Islands – DKK 187,607.

Sciences and Technology

Uni Reinert Petersen: Pathways for 100% renewable energy in Nordic Islands – the case of the Faroe Islands.
PhD project at Aalborg University – DKK 1.000.000.

Tróndur Kragesteen: Faroese Salmon Lice Prediction Application for Management Purposes.
Project at Aquaculture Research Station of the Faroe Islands – DKK 832,278

Toke Meier Carlsen: Using graph C*-algebras to classify graph groupoids.
Project at the Faculty of Science and Technology, University of the Faroe Islands – DKK 105,000.

Health Sciences

Amanda G. Vang: Identifying the contribution of intestinal dysbiosis to Faroese IBD Risk.
Project at the Faculty of Health Sciences, University of the Faroe Islands – DKK 1,091,193

Annika Helgadóttir Davidsen: Mapping the working environment among Faroese employees – focusing on the psychological aspects for young employees.
Dept. of Occupational Medicine and Public Health – DKK 1,136,000


The next deadline for application for funds from the Research Foundation will be on February 15th, 2020.

A total of more than 240 projects have now been funded by the Research Foundation and the Health Foundation. A list of all funded projects can be seen here

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