#Post Grindadráp – 192 Faroe Islanders register to get a piece of fresh whale meat

Yesterday yet another grindadráp – i.e. whale hunt – took place in the Faroe Islands; this time in the village of Bøur.

According to Faroese news website Portal.fo, 45 long-finned pilot whales were killed in the tiny Vágar-based village last night.

The whales were initially spotted by Faroese fishery patrol vessel Brimil close to the island of Mykines, and they were then herded to the nearest killing bay.

Brimil spotted the whales at around 5pm yesterday, and at around 6.30pm they had been successfully herded to the village of Bøur. The killing itself lasted just a couple of minutes.

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Portal.fo writes that 192 people have been registered to get a piece of fresh whale meat.

This is the third time in the last two weeks that a whale hunt has taken place in the Faroes. On April 29, 105 pilot whales were killed in the village of Sandavágur on Vágar, and on May 9, around 40 whales were slaughtered in the village of Hvalba on Suðuroy.

Watch video: 45 pilot whales killed in Bø

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