Police wound man in late night shooting in town of Miðvágur

A man was hospitalized Tuesday morning after being shot by police during an exchange of gunfire at a home in the town of Miðvágur.

Police were called to the town of Miðvágur around 18.30 Monday evening, a statement from Faroe Islands Police said.

The aforementioned man had reportedly threatened to commit suicide. He carried a loaded shotgun and threatened to use it.

Several police officers arrived at the scene, and one of them attempted to calm the man down, but apparently with no luck.

A police officer was slightly wounded when the man eventually opened fire. Police officers shot back and wounded the man.

The man was given first aid and then taken to the national hospital in Tórshavn (Landssjúkrahúsið). His condition is unknown

The incident lasted several hours – well into the night. Sources say that police left the scene after 1am.

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