(Pictures) Faroe Islands is the perfect venue for nude art creation

Benny Rytter is international, exhibited, awarded and published photographer from Denmark. He specialize in fine art nude photography, mentoring and workshops. As a child he spend several years in Sørvág, when his father managed Vágar Airport in the early 1970s.

“Nude art photography is my passion, I strive to create art that speaks to the soul.”

“The abillity to get in touch with my inner emotions is the driving force to my art. Fine art nude photography, gives me room for experimentation, and personal development. The images are created in very corporation with the women I work with, we discuss emotions and looks before we work, this way we have the best chances of making great images together.”

“Working in the beautiful, rough and complex nature of The Faroe Islands is a gift with a plentitude of possibillities, I can definately recommend a visit for anyone creating nude art photography.”

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Galene – Gásadalur (Model: Maria Nagoor)

Hlers Bride – Tjørnuvík (Model: Maria Nagoor)

Home by the sea – Vágar (Model: Maria Nagoor)

Shepherdess – Gásadalur (Model: Maria Nagoor)

Havoc – Vágar (Model: Lilth Etch)

Life Dependancy – Kaldbak (Model: Maria Nagoor)

Covering beauty – Leitisvatn (Model: Maria Nagoor)

Spawning – Kaldbak (Model: Lilth Etch)

Between mountains – Dalá stream (Model: Maria Nagoor)

Rock beauty – Vágar (Model: Maria Nagoor)

Nehalennia – Gásadalur (Model: Maria Nagoor)

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