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Pictures: BAH government takes office

The Faroe Islands new government was today given a welcome reception at the Prime Minister’s Office in Tinganes, Tórshavn.

Aksel V. Johannesen, the outgoing prime minister (Løgmaður), handed over the keys to the office to the new PM of the country, Bárður á Steig Nielsen.

Bárður á Steig Nielsen is the first ever “Løgmaður” from the village of Vestmanna.

There are 7 ministers in the conservative, right-wing (BAH) government, including the prime minister.

Here is the new cabinet in full:

Prime Minister: Bárður á Steig Nielsen, Sambandsflokkurin
Finance Minister: Jørgen Niclasen, Fólkaflokkurin
Foreign & Culture Minister: Jenis av Rana, Miðflokkurin
Fisheries Minister: Jacob Vestergaard, Fólkaflokkurin
Health Minister: Kaj Leo Holm Johannesen, Sambandsflokkurin
Social Affairs Minister: Elsebeth Mercedis Gunnleygsdóttur
Industry Minister: Helgi Abrahamsen

Image credits: Jens Kristian Vang (Portal.fo), Kringvarp Føroya/VP


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