Over the weekend of 26-27 April, major tourism sights in the Faroe Islands will be closed for regular tourists

The Faroe Islands is closing for maintenance.

Say what?

Yep, you read it here.

The Faroe Islands are restricting tourists for one weekend in April unless they wish to help locals care for their 18-island archipelago.

But why do they wanna do that?

Well, because Faroe Islanders are keen to keep their green islands unspoiled, states Visit Faroe Islands.

Visit Faroe Islands writes on its webpage that “over the weekend of 26-27 April, major tourism sights in the Faroe Islands will be closed for regular tourists.”

However, the country will be open for everyone who wishes to help maintain them. In return for a helping hand, volunteers will be gifted both accommodation and food over the three-night maintenance period by the Faroese nation, says Visit Faroe Islands, adding that:

“The Faroe Islands is one of the most unspoiled and unpolluted places on earth and we are keen to ensure that our green islands remain so. Therefore, we invite you to come and join us in maintaining the Faroe Islands. Projects will include creating walking paths in well-trodden areas, constructing viewpoints that help preserve nature and birdlife sanctuaries and erecting signs that help with wayfinding.

On the Saturday night, there will be a celebratory meal for all those who have joined forces to help – Faroese and overseas visitors alike.

The Faroe Islands welcome around 100.000 visitors each year.

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