Opinion: To me, Grindadráp adds to the rugged beauty of the Faroe Islands

I cannot think of a more sustainable, environmentally friendly or communally binding way of getting meat.

I have not seen a single image, or a clip of Grindadráp, that I find upsetting.

It is such a shame that a noisy, hostile pressure group get to push their agendas and untruths almost unchallenged onto the social media. Anyone I speak to about it in England, mostly think the hunt is perfectly fine. And that is reflected in the tourist numbers rising, year on year.

New flight routes, to and from the Faroe Islands, are in the pipeline, despite the professional agitators. You probably get your share of criticism, so I just wanted to balance that out.

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To me, Grindadráp adds to the rugged beauty of the Faroe Islands. An unvarnished reality of hunting. A resource to be harvested, just as it has been for generations. Grindadráp is beautiful and I hope that many more whales and dolphins end up in the Faroese killing bays. 

Written by: Paul Brooker from England

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