Opinion: Feelings Passport

I usually do not speak out about political topics. But I feel as though someone needs to stand up here and say something.

In the Faroe Islands, politicians now want to change legal documents such as passports to state the sex of the person to be whatever that person feels he/she is. So if a woman feels she is a man, then the passport and other legal documents will say she is a man. and vice versa for a man feeling he is a woman.

If a person is born as a man or a woman then that is a biological fact that can not be changed.

If the laws of the land say it is okay to defy gravity and say a man is a woman or a woman is a man based upon how they are feeling, then the laws of the land become based upon feelings and not facts.

So if it is okay to change one fact based upon feeling then where do we stop?

What about our height? What if I don’t feel so tall or short? Do I get to change my height also based upon how tall I am feeling?

What about the date of birth? If you can change the sex based upon feeling then you can also change the date of birth. We would be legally allowed to lie about our age based upon how old or young we feel.

Even the photo on a passport doesn’t have to actually be a photo of you because you can say the photo is a photo of who you feel you are. Put a picture of Tom Cruise if you want.

Once we say it is okay to lie about such a fundamental fact of which sex we are, we have then open the doors to “anything is possible”. Our society would be based upon feelings and not facts.

Someone can now speed in their car and go faster then the speed limit because they feel they are not speeding. 1 km is not 1 km no longer; it is whatever you feel it is.

We can lie about how much money is on a bank account because we can feel the money is on the bank account.

Somehow the world has lost it’s self and we are entering into a world of chaos. If we base our fundamental facts on what any individual is feeling, then we are heading down a pathway of destruction.

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