Ólavsøka 2020: Different but as normal as possible

Ólavsøka is the national holiday of the Faroe Islands (Image credits: Jens Kr. Vang)
Ólavsøka is the national holiday of the Faroe Islands (Image credits: Jens Kr. Vang)

This year’s Ólavsøka, the national holiday of the Faroe Islands, also called St Olaf’s Day, will be as normal as possible, Tórshavn Municipality writes in a press release after the city council discussed the matter on Thursday.

The city will be decorated as usual, and the traditional parade will kick off the celebration on 28 July, although the number of participants will be limited due to the government’s restrictions.

Tórshavn Municipality says they have complete faith in its citizens and trust them to take all the necessary precautions. Ólavsøka will be held as usual with the following changes:

  1. The midnight sing-along, which normally brings thousands of people together in the Tórshavn city centre, will take place in each individual neighbourhood instead, and Kringvarp Føroya will also be live streaming it.
  2. There will be no amusements on Skálatrøð.

Restaurants, cafés and other businesses will be open as usual, but they’ll be serving more people outside.

The boat race, football match, and the traditional Ólavsøka art exhibition will take place as usual along with other events. More information will be available at a later date.

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