Notorious farmer admits he was the one who wrote “xenophobic message”…

Jóhan Jógvansson, Saksun‘s big farmer – who has never been one to shy away from a tourism controversy -, has admitted he was the one who wrote ”this is not Disneyland. Tourists, go home” on a wagon that stood in the village of Saksun yesterday, reports Faroese news site Dimmalætting today.

The unpragmatic Mr. Jógvansson has attracted media attention on several occasions in desperate attempts to focus attention on tourists who overstep the mark and behave in a socially unacceptable way in the village of Saksun – and this time he is again on a quest to highlight the negative impacts of tourism in the tiny village.

However, Jógvansson denies that the message on the wagon was directed at the tourists who visited the village of Saksun yesterday. Instead he claims that the message was directed to the new development department of Visit Faroe Islands – after originally declaring that he does not want to explain why he wrote the message on the wagon as he feels that he has been in the media spotlight so many times with regards to the problems with the tourism industry that those responsible – Visit Faroe Islands, apparently – ought to have got the point by now.

The development department of Visit Faroe Islands paid a visit to Saksun yesterday to meet with representatives from Sunda kommuna – the local council – to discuss strategies to improve tourism in the area.

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