Norwegian couple gets married on Hotel Føroyar’s grass roof

As you may already know, grass roofs are a distinguishing feature of the Faroe Islands.

There are more grass-roofed houses in the Faroe Islands than any other place in the world. Whether you are visiting the Faroe Islands in the summer or winter, the turf-roofed houses are always fascinating. During summer, they are green, and in winter, the colours on these roofs are yellowish.

Apparently, turf-roofs are not such a bad place to get married.

Come again?

Yep, you read it right!

Earlier this month a Norwegian couple got married on Hotel Føroyar’s grass roof.

Much to the delight of the four-star hotel.

“It was a special moment when this sweet Norwegian couple got married on Hotel Føroyar’s rooftop earlier this month,” the hotel wrote on its Facebook page.

The hotel added:

“A big congratulations to both of you. We wish you a lifetime of love and happiness and hope to see you again.”

Annika Olsen, the mayor of Tórshavn, married the Norwegian love birds.

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