No spectators at football matches and hospitals limit visitor access

National Hospital of the Faroe Islands (Image credits: Ólavur Frededriksen/FaroePhoto)
National Hospital of the Faroe Islands (Image credits: Ólavur Frededriksen/FaroePhoto)

As of Wednesday, 5 August, all football events with the exception of matches in the Men’s Betri Division, will be postponed up to and including 14 August, the Faroese Football Association has decided.

In addition to that, it has been decided that no spectators are allowed at the Betri matches up to and including 22 August.

On Thursday, it was also announced that due to COVID-19, it would no longer be possible to visit during the normal visiting hours at the hospitals in Tórshavn, Klaksvík and Tvøroyari.

Relatives are only allowed to visit patients at the hospital under special circumstances, and a visit needs to be cleared with the staff. Everyone who does visit also needs to wear a mask.

Klaksvík Municipality also announced that the swimming pool in Klaksvík will be closed for the time being, as it is suspected that people infected with COVID-19 have visited the facilities on Thursday. It will reopen once it’s been disinfected.

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