New era: Whale meat and blubber sold online with free delivery


The past few years, Faroe Islanders have been very divided when it comes to the subject whether whale meat and blubber should be sold or merely given away.

Semi-organized sales of whale meat and blubber have been conducted in downtown Tórshavn (i.e. Vágsbotnur) for a couple of years now, but though many of the same people have been seen selling whale-related products on Facebook as well, sales have not been as organized as they are now.

Recently, a new Tórshavn-based web store opened that sells salted whale meat, dried/salted blubber and dried fish with a promise of free delivery in the Tórshavn area.

The web store – the first of its kind in the Faroes – is named Spik.fo, and its inventory consists of a plate of salted whale meat, dried/salted blubber and dried fish. The total cost for these three items is 1350DKK.

One can also choose to buy only the salted whale meat or the dried/salted blubber.

Local.fo has tried to get in touch with the owners of the web store today and yesterday. We wanted to ask them to explain more about their new business venture, but their phone has either been busy or turned off.

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