More journeys to Hestur

The Transport Minister, Heðin Mortensen, states: ”Finally, we have made an agreement for the ship Jósup to start sailing on the route to Hestur, which is good for the inhabitants in Hestur. The sailing plan for Teistin will remain as it is today. This is a positive and a vast supplement to the current sailing plan”.

This sailing plan will be valid until the end of April when the summer sailing plans start but the transport minister wants this new sailing plan to continue.

Inhabitants in Hestur can now live in Hestur and work and go to school on the mainland as well as the sailing plan now makes errands to the mainland convenient. Jósup will sail four journeys every day where the first journey will be sailed from Hestur at 07.00 and the last journey will be sailed at 19:30 all days of the week. There are connections to Teistan’s route to Gomlurætt so passengers can drive with the bus route to Tórshavn.

There are journeys in the timetable for cargo or car transport to and from Hestur.

The new sailing plan can be seen here.

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