Martin Kúrberg named Faroese Person of the Year

Image credits: KVF
Image credits: KVF

When the Faroese newspaper Sosialurin asked their readers to send in their nominations for Faroese Person of the Year 2019, they received a lot of suggestions, and in the end, 51 year old Martin Kúrberg was chosen.

Sosialurin announced on Monday that the honor was given to Mr. Kúrberg, who for many years has been helping people in need as the managing director of the homeless shelter in Tórshavn and the treatment centre Frælsi in Eiði.

– It is a great honour to be given this kind of recognition. I am speechless. Every day I try to make the world a better place by saving and helping a few people. But I don’t do this for recognition, Mr. Kúrberg told Sosialurin in an interview.

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