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Laksáfoss quits The Union Party, slamming party’s conservative line

Magni Laksáfoss, the former deputy leader of The Union Party (Sambandsflokkurin), has quit the party, citing dissatisfaction with the party line which he suggests has become too conservative, report Faroese media outlets over the weekend.

Mr. Laksáfoss, who was the deputy leader of the party until 10 March 2018 when the party ditched him in favor of the more conservative Helgi Abrahamasen, states that: ”The reason (for quitting the party) is that the party is too conservative. And now the party has a leader (Bárður á Steig Nielsen) as well as a deputy leader who both want in the same direction”.

Mr. Laksáfoss, who spoke to Kringvarp Føroya after withdrawing from The Union Party, is yet to decide whether he will join another political party. He is also yet to decide whether he will back the current coalition or whether he will remain part of the opposition.

The Union party has been in opposition since September 2015.

Following Laksáfoss’s withdrawal from The Union Party, the 33-seat Faroese parliament now only includes five Unionist MP’s, the lowest since 1974.

After the Faroese general election in 2015, a new government, consisting of the Social Democratic Party (Javnaðarflokkurin), the Republicans (Tjóðveldi) and Progress (Framsókn) under Prime Minister Aksel V. Johannesen, was formed.


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