Jóhan á Plógv: A world-class player on the rise

Faroese Jóhan á Plógv, who plays for the Danish handball national team, impressed in the Golden League tournament last weekend.

It’s going well for the Faroese player on the Danish national handball team.

The Danish team took part in the Golden League held in Norway over the weekend. Denmark won two out of three matches, and Jóhan á Plógv showed that he is a world-class player.

The Danish team lost to France, with a final score of 29-35. Jóhan á Plógv scored two goals in this game.

Denmark went on to win the second game, against Iceland, 31-28. Again, the Faroese player scored two goals.

In the third and final match, Denmark beat Norway by 33 to 23. In this match, á Plógv was the top scorer with five goals.

“It was great to get the chance to play in such a big tournament. It’s not easy to be selected for the team, so I was very happy to prove my skills to such a large audience,” said á Plógv.

He plays on the right wing, a position usually occupied by Hans Lindberg og Lasse Svan.

The right-wing spot was originally intended for Tim Sørensen, but he was injured, and coach Nikolaj Jacobsen called in the Faroese player.

“It’s very difficult to compete with the regular right-wing players on the Danish national team,” said á Plógv.

“Hans Lindberg and Lasse Svan are the team’s right-wing regulars, and they both play in the German Bundesliga, which is the strongest league in the world. They’re not easy to compete with, but they will retire at some point, and then somebody has to take their place. I hope that someone will be me,” said the 23-year-old, who grew up playing for Tórshavn-based team Kyndil.

He currently plays for Bjerringbro-Silkeborg, which is currently lying second in the Danish handball top league.

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