Jasmin filled the venue with a lively spirit and a mix of well-known and brand new songs

G! Festival: The playground was packed when Jasmin played, filling the venue with a lively spirit and a mix of well-known and brand new songs

Young Faroese singer Jasmin shone on the stage in her neon-green outfit, starting things off with a disarming “Wow there are a lot of people here! Fuck!”

From there, she took the whole audience along on a journey through what she calls her “music-universe” of electronic soul-pop. Along the way were some of her most famous hits, like Remember, Baby Blue and Make Sense, which have become staples on Faroese National Radio, as well as a new song, Nýtt Vidundur.

Along with Jasmin came her back-up singer and friend Tamara Mneney. We asked her what it was like to play at G! Festival for the first time.

“It was so exciting, even better than I expected! If you love music like I do, this is a fantastic experience and a fantastic feeling. When Jasmin asked me my first answer was “fuck yes!” I loved being here and performing.”

Jasmin was one of the first big acts in this year’s G! Festival, and is just whetting our appetite for the rest of the shows!

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