I’ve told every little star…that Collision Course should have won the ”Geytin Award”

Maria Tórgarð won the Audience Award at Geytin 2018 – Faroese Film Awards – for her short film ”Manden med bleen” while Trygvi Danielsen won the ”Geyta Award” for his experimental – and polarizing – short film ”111 góðir dagar”

20-year-old director Maria Tórgarð was the big winner at ”Geytin 2018”, the Faroese Film Awards, which was held last Saturday night in ”Norðurlandahúsið” (The Nordic House in the Faroe Islands).

Maria won the Audience Award for her short film ”Manden med bleen” (The man with the diaper) – a heartfelt and touching movie about an elderly man who struggles to come to terms with wearing diapers.

Maria, who started working as set-design assistant in 2014 in the award winning horror short film ”Skuld” by Heiðrik á Heygum, faced tough competition from Rói Davidsen´s 3D animated short film ”Collision Course” which should have arguably won the award.

Meanwhile, 27-year-old author and director Trygvi Danielsen won the ”Geyta Award” (a special jury award) for his experimental – and polarizing – short film ”111 góðir dagar” (111 good days).

Seven short films and two music vidoes were shown at the film awards:

Our ratings:
1. ”Myndamálarin” by Gudmund Helmsdal – Grade F
2. ”111 góðir dagar” by Trygdvi Danielsen – Grade F
3. ”Skóhorny” by Sóley Danielsen – Grade B-
4. ”Fisherman” by Franklin Henriksen – Grade F
5. ”Frosthvarv” (music video) by Franklin Henriksen – Grade A-
6. ”Manden med bleen” by Maria Tórgarð – Grade B
7. ”Collision Course” by Rói Davidsen – Grade A
8. ”Sorte Hunde” (music video) by Atli Brix Kamban – Grade B
9, ”Wünder Pitsa” by Hanus Johannessen – Grade C

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